About the Authors
Irit Dinur
Irit Dinur
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot, Israel
Irit Dinur is a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. She is interested broadly in theoretical computer science and mathematics, and more specifically in complexity theory, probabilistically checkable proofs, hardness of approximation, and most recently in the growing area of high dimensional expansion. She has a wife and three kids.
Inbal Livni Navon
Inbal Livni Navon
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, USA
Inbal Livni Navon is a postdoc at Stanford University. She received her Ph.D. in 2023 from the Weizmann Institute of Science where she was advised by Irit Dinur. She is interested in Algorithmic fairness and in expander graphs and their applications in different areas in theoretical computer science. She is also interested in property testing, error correcting codes and hardness of approximation.